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So Why Should I Use Local NFC?

As a local and mobile marketer you always have to be looking for new and exciting products and technologies to offer your clients.

With Local NFC you get instant access to cutting edge technology, training and support to make you stand apart from the “other guys” in town.

Training & Strategy
Learn Everything You Need To Know To Sell NFC Marketing Solutions To Local Businesses.

Engaging Campaigns
Quickly Encode NFC Tags To Perform A Number Of Actions Based On Your Campaign Objective.

Cloud Based Solution
Manage Your NFC tags From Anywhere In The World From Our Cloud Control Panel.

Cost Effective
Start Selling NFC Marketing Today To Your Clients At A Surprisingly Affordable Price.

The NFC Marketing Solution Built For
Local and Mobile Marketers

With Local NFC You Can Quickly & Easily...


  • Program NFC Tags With Your Own Android Phone In Seconds
  • Schedule Campaign Changes To Happen Automatically
  • Easily Generate Detailed Analytics And Reports
  • Access Cloud Hosted Platform To Manage Your Campaigns

Build Loyalty, Increase User Engagement and Improve Online Reputation with NFC Marketing!

Get Instant Access to Local NFC

Instantly Create And Manage NFC Tags

... And Much More!

Get Instant Access to Local NFC

Learn How To Leverage And Profit By Using Local NFC In Your Marketing Campaigns

Local NFC The Perfect Compliment For:

  • Mobile Websites
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Lead Generation
  • Auto Dealership Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Print Media Advertising


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Start Setting Up Campaigns In Minutes With Local NFC

Check Out How Easy It Is To Sell NFC Tags To Your Clients!

Get Instant Access to Local NFC


Everything You Need To Start Selling NFC Marketing TODAY!

Instant Access To The Local NFC Platform

Cloud based platform allows you to edit and manage your NFC tags and campaigns from anywhere in the world.

The Local NFC Platform is an easy to use central management portal where you can easily manage all of your NFC tag campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Create scheduling, change NFC tag actions and get detailed statistics on every NFC tag. Once you set up an NFC tag you can manage all of the actions from the Local NFC cloud control panel.

$997 Value


Instant Access To The Local NFC Manager Android App

Program (encode) your NFC  tags and manage your campaigns right from your smartphone.

With the Local NFC Tag Manager app you can manage all of your NFC campaigns in real time giving you ultimate control and flexibility over your NFC campaigns and tags right from your smartphone.

$500 Value

NFC Tags: Starter Package

We get you started selling NFC marketing with a getting Started Package sent directly to you by mail.

Getting started with Local NFC is easy!  We'll ship you a selection of NFC tags which you can use to sell or demo to your clients.  Ordering more NFC tags is no problem either as you will have access to our members store where you can take advantage of discount pricing.

  • 5 x NTAG213 Midas Mini Tags
  • 5 x NTAG213 Clear Round 29mm
  • 5 x NTAG213 White Round 29mm
  • 5 x NTAG213 Printed Gloss N-Mark 29mm
  • 5 x NTAG213 Printed Gloss Tap Here 29mm


Sales & Strategy Training Workshops

Kevin Z. Will Teach You How To Sell NFC Marketing Solutions Like A Seasoned Pro

When you get started with Local NFC you get access to our training workshops and strategy sessions to help you sell NFC marketing and provide your clients with better ROI on their marketing campaigns.

Some Of The Topics Covered During Our Training Will Include:

  • NFC 101 Learn The Basics From The Ground Up
  • Technical Training - Build Your First Demo In Minutes
  • Pricing and Positioning Your NFC Marketing Services
  • Enhance Reputation Management With NFC Marketing
  • How To Get More App Downloads With NFC Marketing
  • Increase SMS Opt-Ins With NFC Marketing
  • How To Generate Leads With NFC And Mobile Websites
  • Use NFC Marketing For Auto Dealerships
  • BONUS: Fun Uses for NFC (Automation, Games, etc)

$1997 Value

Promotional Postcard Template Pack

Easily show your clients in person the power of NFC marketing with our Customizable Demo Postcard Template Pack.

Everyone knows that seeing is believing which is why Local NFC comes with template demo post cards. Simply stick your NFC tag to the postcard template which properly lays out the usage and benefits of using NFC to your clients.

You get 10 - 4" x 6" postcards in Photoshop format which will show your clients the different types of NFC marketing campaigns that you can create for them.  Once they see first hand what is possible they'll be as excited as you to get started!

$297 Value

NFC Poster Templates

Hundreds of image elements including buttons, calls-to-action, graphical styling elements and more!

Strategically placed posters will help the performance of your NFC marketing campaigns.

Provided with Local NFC is an assortment of 8.5" x 11" professionally designed posters that are ready for print and can be easily customized for your clients NFC Marketing campaigns.

$297 Value

Two Page Walk-In Flyer

Leave a good first impression when you leave behind a professionally designed two page walk-in flyer.

Use the Two Page Walk-In Flyer to quickly leave behind for your prospects to help improve your chance to sell NFC Marketing solutions.

The flyer can be downloaded and edited in Microsoft Word so it's very easy to customize and print off right in your office.   The flyer can also be used as a direct mail piece that you can send to local businesses to get them excited about NFC Marketing.

$197 Value

NFC Marketing Proposal Template

Professionally written five page proposal to help secure NFC marketing deals with local businesses.

Easily customize our NFC marketing proposal which has been professionally written and designed. A solid proposal will help you close more deals when you're selling NFC marketing to local businesses.

$497 Value

Total Value of: $5,473

ALL Included Today For A Limited Time

Get Instant Access to Local NFC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhich devices work with Local NFC?

    Local NFC will work with any Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry with NFC enabled. Any of these devices can tap an NFC tag and be taken to the destination or perform any supported action of the Local NFC platform.

  • q-iconDoes Local NFC work on iPhone?

    NFC technology was included with the release of the iPhone 6 however at this time Apple has chosen to lock NFC functionality. There are reports that Apple may open NFC functionality however this is not confirmed and there is no timetable on this.  At this time Local NFC does not support iPhone or Apple devices.

  • q-iconWill Local NFC work in my country?

    Yes! Local NFC is a global solution and works anywhere in the world. NFC technology is being used more and more every day all over the world with new and exciting applications being used to combine NFC technology and traditional marketing.

  • q-iconHow much do extra NFC tags cost?

    When you get started with the Local NFC you get access to our private members store where you can purchase additional NFC tags. Tags are discounted on a volume basis and costs vary based on the type of NFC tag you purchase. Our NFC tags are very affordable and in-line with market rates.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to encode (program) my NFC tags?

    In order to encode (program) your NFC tags you need to have an Android device with NFC enabled. Once you download and install the Local NFC Manager App from the Google Play Store you can program NFC tags by opening the app, choosing the action of the NFC tag and touching the tag to your Android device.

  • q-iconIs there any other expensive hardware that I have to purchase?

    No!. Other than an Android device with NFC enabled there is no other physical hardware required to work with Local NFC. If you plan to do large volume NFC encoding we offer a Done For You encoding service which will ship your tags pre-programmed.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to receive my Local Starter Package by mail once I get started?

    Orders in North America are shipped next business day and can take anywhere from 4-7 business days. For re-orders quicker shipping options are available. For international orders shipping times can take a bit longer based on your shipping address.

  • q-iconCan I use other NFC tags with Local NFC?

    Yes! However we recommend using our members store in order to ensure your tags arrive quickly and because  all tags that we offer have been tested by our QA department.

  • q-iconCan I change the destination of my NFC tags at anytime?

    Yes! You can change the action or destination of your NFC tags at anytime using our Local NFC platform or the Local NFC Manager app. This gives you a lot of flexibility when setting up and managing your NFC campaigns.

  • q-iconCan my clients log in to Local NFC to manage their own campaigns?

    No.  Your clients do not have access to the Local NFC Platform.  You as the consultant can manage the campaigns and generate reports for your clients using Local NFC.

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